How to design a grid of floor panels ?

You can design a grid of floor panels manually for small projects. However, you should avoid several common mistakes and follow the guidelines below:

  1. The standard size of a floor panel is 600x600 mm, and you should adhere to this panel grid spacing.
  2. Due to wall curvature, it is not recommended to start the panel grid from a full panel. 
  3. Any cuts should be placed near the walls, pillars, or other structural elements like building frames. In the central areas of the room, it is essential to maintain standard dimensions of 600x600 mm.
  4. Do not design cuts smaller than 15 cm – smaller cuts are only acceptable in exceptional situations.
  5. When designing frames for electric cabinets or heavy equipment, remember that frame dimensions are typically not the same as the dimensions of cabinets or other equipment for which the frame is intended. Make sure you determine the correct frame size for the equipment you are designing the reinforced frame for.
  6. If there is no floor level difference in the room, design steps, stairs, or a ramp. Also, consider the direction in which doors open and accommodate the door recess