Request for quotation - what should be included?

Pricing raised floors is a highly complex process carried out individually for each project.

There are many variables that affect the final cost of the floor, which is why providing immediate pricing can often be impossible.

In such cases, we usually request that you send inquiries via email to our address:, along with a few parameters:

  1. What type of raised floor is the inquiry about?
  2. What is the purpose of the rooms?
  3. What is the height of the raised floor ? (to the upper surface of the panel or the void height beneath the floor)
  4. What are the anticipated floor loads and/or what type of supporting structure should be used?
  5. What should be the floor finish? (PVC, carpet, parquet, stone, ceramics, without any application, etc.)
  6. Is the area mentioned in the inquiry an open-space type or are there floor-to-ceiling partitions?
  7. Do the rooms have an unusual shape?
  8. Does the project include additional elements such as ramps, stairs, or floor box enclosures?
  9. Do you have drawings, plans, or schematics? If so, please send them.
  10. What kind of investment is the inquiry related to?
  11. Where is the facility where the raised floors will be installed located?
  12. Are there any specific conditions that will impact the installation of raised floors?

If the request for quotation includes answers to the above questions, we will provide a quotation promptly – even on the same day or, in the case of large projects, after receiving and analyzing the documentation.

If you have any doubts, please contact our main office or one of our branches by phone!